Alonzo (Part 2 of Surfers)

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Writer's note: this is a work in progress.

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"First thing first, what's your name?" I'm struggling with anger and grief, interspersed with curiosity.

"Kieran, of course. Alonzo is my cover. But if it helps you, you can continue to call me Alonzo." He almost makes that sound normal.

"Where are you from? How are you Kieran?"

"I'm from a universe similar to this one. Our reality split off from yours - or yours spawned from ours - thirty years ago." Alonzo speaks these words and watches my face, my eyes. He's looking for recognition, nods when he sees it. "That's right, it was your mother's disappearance. I remember standing with you in the lab, watching the Hermosa start up her engines, and disappear. You saw the Flash. That other Jasmine saw the birth of a star."

I'm holding onto a railing, and I'm grateful for it, as my head is now spinning. "Pearl, give us gravity. And let's starting heading toward that storm." I'm not sure if I should trust Alonzo, but I think catching up to the storm is not unreasonable, under the circumstances.

The ship slowly accelerates. Both I and Alonzo gently fall toward the floor, feet impacting first, and we cautiously stand up against the artificial gravity.

Alonzo looks into my eyes. "I didn't kill your father."

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