My God, Chapter 1

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[Editor's note: found this post from September of 2016. Posting what I had. Foy was renamed to Zeke, I was still playing around with the name of the college and where it was. The real name would probably have been chosen in editing, but I don't want to edit these.]

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I came to Kodo for college. I'd never been in a gods-2.1 world before. Didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but mom and dad encouraged me to see the sims.

In a world where all travel is instantaneous, leaving to go to college no longer carries the same weight as packing up the used car dad helped you pay for and crossing a timezone or two. It simply involved walking through a doorway.

I stepped out of Buchard and into Kodo. It was a similarly-themed terminal. I was approached by a friendly local named Zeke who welcomed me. Zeke knew enough about me, knew what I was majoring in and the names of my parents, and took me on the twenty-five cent tour - whatever that is - of the precinct's capital city, Cedar.

We flitted above the city in a light plane and Zeke gave me a brief history of the sim and the formation of the precinct. We landed on the campus of Takona University and continued the tour there.

Zeke was a junior, studying terraforming, and was my mentor.

The tour concluded with a dinner for almost eight hundred incoming freshmen and their mentors. The Dean spoke to the class, gave us the usual pep talk, presented the parade of professors who spoke to us of their classes and the various paths to a degree the students could follow.

When she finally got to the topic of gods, I stopped fantasizing about diving off a cliff into an active volcano.

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My God, Chapter 0

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[Editor's note: found this post from September of 2016. Posting what I had.]

First day of college was nerve-racking. Of course it was. First time away from home and on my own, in a real, meaningful way. The independence, the other students in similar situations. No news there.

But it was also my first week in a God(s) 1.2a world.

We didn't have gods where I come from. It was a pretty standard sim, no fancy physics or gods or afterlife. My parents were pretty consistent about living pre-upload lives, at least while I was a kid.

I'd always assumed that they tried other sims, probably even experimented with gods and Dali and nightmare worlds and stranger worlds besides, but for whatever reason - probably their own sanity - they chose to bring me up in an Outside world, a sim very similar in living conditions to an average planet outside of the sim. It was a peaceful upbringing, though it left me woefully unprepared for college.

Sure, I'd heard about those non-standard worlds, even visited a few on vacation, but hadn't actually lived in one. When I chose Takoma University in a God(s) 1.2a world I'd half expected my parents to give me a talking-to about all the strange things I'd see and to stay away from brain-melting brownies or something, but they rolled with it. Even brought out a few mem-packs and we spent a pleasant afternoon flipping through their college times.

I'd been on Basin for a week now, but hadn't gotten a god just yet. The university suggested we hold off on that until after the first week of classes before getting a deity of our own. So I spent my time exploring the world as a strange tourist.

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My God, Chapter 5

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[Editor's note: found this post from September of 2016. Posting what I had.]

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Class let out at four, sharp, and we were out the door as fast as the wind. It was Foy, Mina, Sandy, and myself. We climbed into Foy's car and blasted off toward the beach.

It was Friday afternoon and we had the weekend to ourselves.

First things first, we went for a swim, then a bite down at the pier. The servers were friendly enough. We avoided making a big deal of it, but I could tell the others were still uncomfortable.

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My God, Chapter 9

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[Editor's note: found this post from September of 2016. Posting what I had. Still figuring out the names.]

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Zeke met up with me at a bar in downtown Cedar and we drank for a while. This was, in his words, a prerequisite for meeting one's advisor's god. We then did shots of a horrible liquor made from a boiled Europan fish.

That was a requirement for meeting my advisor's god.

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