My God, Chapter 0

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[Editor's note: found this post from September of 2016. Posting what I had.]

First day of college was nerve-racking. Of course it was. First time away from home and on my own, in a real, meaningful way. The independence, the other students in similar situations. No news there.

But it was also my first week in a God(s) 1.2a world.

We didn't have gods where I come from. It was a pretty standard sim, no fancy physics or gods or afterlife. My parents were pretty consistent about living pre-upload lives, at least while I was a kid.

I'd always assumed that they tried other sims, probably even experimented with gods and Dali and nightmare worlds and stranger worlds besides, but for whatever reason - probably their own sanity - they chose to bring me up in an Outside world, a sim very similar in living conditions to an average planet outside of the sim. It was a peaceful upbringing, though it left me woefully unprepared for college.

Sure, I'd heard about those non-standard worlds, even visited a few on vacation, but hadn't actually lived in one. When I chose Takoma University in a God(s) 1.2a world I'd half expected my parents to give me a talking-to about all the strange things I'd see and to stay away from brain-melting brownies or something, but they rolled with it. Even brought out a few mem-packs and we spent a pleasant afternoon flipping through their college times.

I'd been on Basin for a week now, but hadn't gotten a god just yet. The university suggested we hold off on that until after the first week of classes before getting a deity of our own. So I spent my time exploring the world as a strange tourist.

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