The cabin

[Estimated reading time: 8 minutes]

[Note: this is a work in progress.]

The cabin is an old-fashioned thing, wooden beams span the single inside room. A large bed sits next to a window and occupies a quarter of room space. In the opposite corner is a small cast iron stove, half a dozen logs stacked neatly by it. The walls of the cabin are covered in an odd jumble of old photographs, hiking equipment, a handful of mirrors, and two bookcases.

Felicia has taken a random book off the shelf and plopped onto the leather couch that's opposite the big front window with the lake view. From her posture, it is clear that she has claimed the entire couch. David takes a seat in an old armchair.

He doesn't want to interrupt Felicia's reading, so he gleams the book title off its spine: "The Pacific Ocean Walrus". A few thoughts come to David, but he ultimately decides against speaking, against interrupting Felicia.

David sits there for a minute and just watches Felicia read the book. She seems really into it, her attention is caught up entirely in the foreword, and David feels deflated.

"Stop staring at me," Felicia says from behind the book.

"Sorry. I'm... gonna go for a walk. Around the lake. Won't be long."

Felicia doesn't say anything. That must be one hell of a book about walruses.

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